When you choose to custom build your home, you are committing to many months--often even years--of planning, dreaming, saving, researching, drafting, and making literally hundreds of choices about what you want.  Once your plans are drafted, you have a very specific idea in mind of what you want your home to be.  In order to turn those dreams into a reality, you must have a knowledgeable building contractor who will partner with you to execute your plans carefully and thoroughly.


Thomas Bolton is passionate about building you the home you want.  He feels that careful attention to detail and an emphasis on top quality in both materials and construction methods are imperative in every job. When you move into your home, you should be able to be surrounded by what you envisioned--not only the floor plan or how it looks from the street, but also the minute details you and your family will live with day in and day out for many years to come.  Your home is a place of comfort, family, and permanence, and its construction should be carried out with that in mind.




By limiting the number of homes he has simultaneously in progress, he ensures that he can oversee your job personally and is hands-on with each stage of the building process.  Whether you have your plans drafted or are interested in a spec-built home, please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Call us at 318.613.3892, or email us at thomasbolton@bellsouth.net.


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